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Hot Clicks: What Interests Tech Pros This Week? October 22nd 2021

What stories are tech pros clicking on this week? Read the October 22nd, 2021 edition of Hot Clicks to learn more.

Hot Clicks: What Interests Tech Pros This Week? October 22nd 2021
Staff Editor

Every Friday, we’re going to wrap up technology news from the perspective of technology professionals who are clicking on articles posted to our tech pro-facing sister sites,  My TechDecisions and Campus Safety Magazine. It’s a new feature we call “Hot Clicks,” and the hope is that it will give marketers insight into what interests this market the most.

These are the articles which received the most traffic from tech pros this week:

This Illinois High Schooler Rickrolled His School District By Hacking An IPTV Network

If you have ever thought about the many IoT devices that live on networks at your organization, you should seriously look into the security of those products and segment those networks. At the very least, change the default passwords. Full story.

Why High Dynamic Range (HDR) is More Important Than 4K UHD

When it comes to choosing a commercial display, you’ll hear plenty of buzz about 4K UHD, but it’s really high dynamic range (HDR) that should hold your attention. Full story.

What is the Difference Between Project Cost Estimate and Project Budget?

When you’re trying to get a budget approved for a technology project, you need to first come up with a project cost estimate. Not sure what that means? Full story.

Your Guide to Implementing a Zero Trust Network Architecture

The concept of Zero Trust is being adopted by organizations everywhere, including at the highest levels of the U.S. government. Full story.

10 Effective Employee Training Tactics for New Technology

How to ensure employees can effectively use new office technology equipment through proper training. Full story.

How Much Do Video Walls Cost? A Pricing Breakdown

How much should a video wall cost? We break it down for you and show you how to get the most out of an LED video wall purchase. Full story.

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