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Hot Clicks: What Interests Tech Pros This Week? September 10th 2021

What stories are tech pros clicking on this week? Read the September 10th, 2021 edition of Hot Clicks to learn more.

Hot Clicks: What Interests Tech Pros This Week? September 10th 2021
Staff Editor

Every Friday, we’re going to wrap up technology news from the perspective of technology professionals who are clicking on articles posted to our tech pro-facing sister sites,  My TechDecisions and Campus Safety Magazine. It’s a new feature we call “Hot Clicks,” and the hope is that it will give marketers insight into what interests this market the most.

These are the articles which received the most traffic from tech pros this week:

The 10 Best Database Software Systems For Business Professionals

The right database software system can maximize performance and cut back on headaches. Here is a list of the ten best database management systems. Full story here.

10 Online Privacy Facts That May Surprise You

Cyberattacks, data breaches, & hacking attempts are eye-openers as most of them are unexpected. Here are online privacy facts which will still surprise you. Full story here.

Ransomware Attacks Increase Threefold; IT Must Adapt

According to NCC Group, ransomware attacks have increased threefold this year as bad actors become more sophisticated and organized. Full story here.

Shocking Incidents Caught on Security Cameras

Check out these videos of some recent dramatic incidents. Full story here.

Accuracy of ShotSpotter Gunshot Detection in Question

A report by a Chicago watchdog agency says ShotSpotter is ineffective, but the company says its solution is 97% accurate. Full story here.

Beyond Threat Assessment: Managing Threats with Appropriate Follow-up, Monitoring & Training

This discussion will help participants analyze, understand, and assess their own program effectiveness. Full story here.

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