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Hot Clicks Monthly: What Did Tech Pros Click On This Month? November 2021

What stories are tech pros clicking on this month? Read the November 2021 edition of Hot Clicks Monthly to learn more.

Hot Clicks Monthly: What Did Tech Pros Click On This Month? November 2021
Staff Editor

On the final Friday of every month, we’re going to wrap up technology news from the perspective of integrators who are clicking on articles posted to our tech pro-facing sister sites, My TechDecisions and Campus Safety Magazine. It’s a new feature we call “Hot Clicks Monthly,” and the hope is that it will give marketers insight into what interests this market the most.

These are the articles which received the most traffic from integrators in November of 2021:

10 Online Privacy Facts That May Surprise You

Cyberattacks, data breaches, & hacking attempts are eye-openers as most of them are unexpected. Here are online privacy facts which will still surprise you. Full story.

Understanding Brightness in Outdoor Displays

The higher the nits, the brighter the screen and the more easily it can be seen in daylight. Full story.

How Much Do Video Walls Cost? A Pricing Breakdown

How much should a video wall cost? We break it down for you and show you how to get the most out of an LED video wall purchase. Full story.

Windows 11 Work or School Users Will See Two Different Microsoft Teams Apps

The Teams Chat app built into the Windows 11 Taskbar will only support personal Microsoft accounts, company says. Full story.

Should I Choose a 1 Gig Network or 10 Gig Network?

As more AV technology gets connected to the network many technology managers are wondering if a 1 Gig network or 10 Gig network is a better investment. Full story.

Inside Amazon Web Services: AWS By The Numbers

Learn more about the Amazon Web Services (AWS), and industry leader in cloud computing working in industries all over the globe. Full story.

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