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Hot Clicks Monthly: What Did Tech Pros Click On This Month? December 2021

What stories are tech pros clicking on this month? Read the December 2021 edition of Hot Clicks Monthly to learn more.

Hot Clicks Monthly: What Did Tech Pros Click On This Month? December 2021
Staff Editor

On the final Friday of every month, we’re going to wrap up technology news from the perspective of integrators who are clicking on articles posted to our tech pro-facing sister sites, My TechDecisions and Campus Safety Magazine. It’s a new feature we call “Hot Clicks Monthly,” and the hope is that it will give marketers insight into what interests this market the most.

These are the articles which received the most traffic from integrators in November of 2021:

Critical Vulnerability in Java Logging Library Log4j Is Being Actively Exploited

The Java logging library vulnerability is impacting widely used software, with more likely to be affected, security experts say. Full story.

The 10 Best Database Software Systems For Business Professionals

The right database software system can maximize performance and cut back on headaches. Here is a list of the ten best database management systems. Full story.

10 Effective Employee Training Tactics for New Technology 

How to ensure employees can effectively use new office technology equipment through proper training. Full story.

Should I Choose a 1 Gig Network or 10 Gig Network? 

As more AV technology gets connected to the network many technology managers are wondering if a 1 Gig network or 10 Gig network is a better investment. Full story.

Massive LED Displays are Replacing Green Screens in Film Industry

Massive LED displays are replacing green screens and helping film and TV production crews reduce travel amid the coronavirus pandemic. Full story.

Three Soft Skills IT Pros Need in 2022 and Beyond

Along with a deep understanding of new and emerging technologies and how to apply them to a business, IT professionals also need the requisite soft skills to survive in this new hybrid work environment. Download here.

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