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GumGum Acquires Playground xyz To Optimize Attention Analytics

The combined solution offers marketers contextual attention measurement and optimization tools without relying on personal data.

David Pepin

GumGum, a leading contextual intelligence platform for digital media and technology, has officially acquired Playground xyz in a move designed to provide marketers with the ability to effectively measure campaign attention. Playground xyz is a powerful tool allowing marketers and advertisers to capture, measure, and optimize data showing how long users spend looking at specific content.

“In a future without the cookie or personal data, we believe that digital advertising will come down to capturing the consumer’s mindset through a combination of creative, context, and consumer attention. Each is independently important, but together make up The Mindset Matrix, which will be key to understanding and optimizing campaigns of the future,” said Phil Schraeder, CEO, GumGum.

“Our accredited contextual technology combined with Playground xyz’s proven attention measurement and optimization solution will allow advertisers to future proof their attribution strategies by moving past basic viewability metrics to better understand the true effectiveness of their digital campaigns. ”

Playground xyz’s integrated tech stack is designed to track exactly how long a viewer spends looking at a particular ad. Its powerful AI and machine learning features help marketers keep track of high-performing content so they can test and deploy optimized attention-grabbing media.

As data privacy laws and regulations continue to shift, the acquisition is significant because it allows users to gather valuable data without having to rely on personal data. The two data and media analytics platforms will now combine to elevate adaptable digital analytics capabilities for enterprise brands.

Combining with GumGum allows Playground xyz to increase its global footprint and customer base. GumGum’s leading platform is used around the world by over 70 percent of Fortune 100 countries. Diverse brands such as Jeep, Business Insider, Garmin, the New York Mets, and Nasdaq use the platform to optimize ad content.

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“There are two seismic changes taking place in the ad industry. The first is the death of the cookie which will widely impact how we reach and target consumers. Contextual targeting will be the winner here and GumGum has an unmatched pedigree via the only MRC accredited content level solution,” said Rob Hall, CEO of Playground xyz.

“The second is the emerging “attention economy” which recognizes that brands are increasingly fighting for their precious share of consumer attention. Playground xyz has the world’s most awarded attention measurement and optimisation platform. The pairing of Gumgum’s privacy forward contextual solutions with our attention-driven ad products creates an unbeatable combination.”