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Google Workspace Upgrades Video Collaboration With Prezi Integration

The partnership aligns the content sharing strategies of both organizations, helping collaboration tools “coexist seamlessly.”

David Pepin

According to Prezi CEO Jim Szafranski, digital communications are at their most effective when video conferencing, messaging, and collaboration tools all come together to “coexist seamlessly”. Hybrid work schedules demand greater workflow flexibility and diverse content features to keep customers and employees engaged. 

That is why Prezi, a visual collaboration software used by over 100 million users worldwide, has announced it is teaming up with Google Workspace to bring shareable content to video meetings. 

“We’re constantly developing new features to give our platform better ways to share engaging content on video, and adding Google Slides to Prezi Video was the next step in improving hybrid meetings,” Szafranski said. “Now on Prezi Video, you can share any type of content on the screen of any type of video meeting without disconnecting from your colleagues.”

The integration will allow Google Workspace full access to Prezi’s video features, including the ability to create and share live and recorded presentations when using Google Drive, Meet, and Classroom. During a live or recorded video, users will have access to multiple content mediums such as video, GIFs, images, and presentation decks.

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The move gives Prezi Video “unique depth of integration with Google Workspace for the video enterprise space,” according to Szafranski.

The integration will be supported on Google platforms for both web and desktop.