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Gila And Q2 Partner Up To Enhance Digital Customer Experiences

The fully-integrated platform will empower financial technology companies to deliver elite digital customer service.

David Pepin

Among the many ways Covid-19 has impacted business environments, it has made digital customer experiences more important than ever before. Research suggests that both customers and business organizations are finding quality digital experiences more valuable as a result of the pandemic.

Gila, a leading provider of digital customer experiences, has announced an expanded partnership with Q2 Holdings to help provide a one-stop service platform for Q2’s banking and lending customers. With the partnership, Q2 will extend Glia’s digital customer service platform to its Enterprise Business Development Reseller Program.

The partnership is designed to help Q2 provide its users with efficient customer service, improving both the employee and customer experience.

“Glia’s company culture aligns very closely with ours; we both have customer-centric missions that prioritize delivering the seamless, modern experiences financial institution employees as well as end users expect today,” said Jonathan Price, Q2’s executive vice president, Emerging Businesses, Corporate & Business Development.

“The feedback from our Q2 clients is that Glia’s Digital Customer Service platform enables them to more effectively and efficiently serve customers and deliver superior experiences through Q2’s Digital Banking Platform. We look forward to helping more banks and credit unions better serve their account holders where and how they want, via our expanded partnership.”

Around the world, Gila is used by more than 200 banking, insurance, and financial services organizations such as United Healthcare, Deutsche Bank, Mapfre, and Berkshire Hathaway to upgrade their digital customer experiences. The partnership allows Gila to further join Q2’s mission to optimize digital and mobile banking solutions.

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This partnership is not the first time Gila and Q2 have come together in the name of innovating digital experiences. Earlier in 2021, Gila participated in Q2’s Partner Accelerator Program, a series of meetings designed to bring hundreds of companies together to share new knowledge and ideas about digital customer experiences in the banking industry.

“Q2 is committed to driving innovation and facilitating exceptional customer experiences in the financial services space, which is why this partnership is a strong fit,” said Dan Michaeli, CEO and co-founder of Glia.

“Q2 is a leader in providing robust, modern and scalable digital banking and lending solutions and executing on strategic partnerships to meet customers’ evolving wants and needs. By leveraging our platform, Q2’s financial institution clients are able to meet customers within the digital domain, serving them with greater efficiency, convenience and ease. This not only positively contributes to the bottom line but creates customer loyalty that will last.”