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Genesys Expands Customer Engagement Solutions With Two Acquisitions

Pointillist and Exceed.ai expand Genesys’ cloud-based product offerings and expand customer engagement capabilities.

David Pepin

Global customer experience orchestration platform Genesys has announced a pair of acquisitions to help transform customer interactions. By acquiring Pointillist and Exceed.ai, Genesys is investing in the further development of its cloud-based customer engagement solutions.

The Experience as a Service solution by Genesys benefits from the acquisitions, helping it further innovate company communication to customers and employees. With AI capabilities, companies have the power to create relevant and valuable customer experiences.

“Genesys is fundamentally transforming the customer and employee experience,” said Tony Bates, CEO and Chairman of Genesys. “Experience as a Service is no longer an industry vision but rather a business advantage. With our cloud platforms and ecosystem, businesses can orchestrate personalized experiences for their customers and employees in a way previously not possible.”

Boston-based Pointillist was founded with the goal to improve customer experiences and analytics across multiple industries. With its machine-learning data solutions, it helps business organizations reach the right audience at the right time with the right content.

“We’re dedicated to improving the customer experience by providing businesses deeper visibility into the customer journey,” said Ron Rubbico, CEO and Co-Founder of Pointillist. “Joining Genesys is a natural fit. Together, we will be able to help organizations deliver personalized experiences at a new level, strengthening customer loyalty and driving better business outcomes.”

Exceed.ai will join Genesys as a worthy companion to Pointillist. Its inbound marketing lead qualification and automation tools compliment Pointillist to help Genesys improve its overall lead generation and conversion rates.

Exceed.ai aims to help marketers optimize their lead automation strategies and streamline sales conversions by using a conversational AI sales assistant tool to engage, nurture, and qualify leads.

“Many businesses have struggled to develop and maintain relationships with potential customers, held back by limited time and resources,” said Ilan Kasan, CEO and Co-founder of Exceed.ai. “When our AI technology is combined with Genesys, we can take the customer experience to the next level.”

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Together, the two acquisitions will help Genesys provide a complete platform to turn insights and data into actions. Around the world, Genesys is used by global tech brands such as Microsoft, Lenovo, PayPal, and Ticketmaster to boost ROI and improve customer experiences.

Each year, Genesys is responsible for over 70 billion customer experiences based in more than 100 countries. With its cloud-based AI technology, business organizations can support the growth of their customer experience strategies.

The transactions are projected to close later in 2021.