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FORCAS Announces Collaboration To Launch New Analytics Platform

The marketing platform provider is partnering with InsideView and Kyndi to launch its new scenario-based account customer analytics platform.

FORCAS Announces Collaboration To Launch New Analytics Platform
Amanda Hollenbeck

FORCAS, a Uzabase company and B2B marketing platform provider, has announced a joint collaborative program to launch a new scenario-based account analytics platform. The company is partnering with InsideView, a targeting intelligence platform, and Kyndi, an AI-driven data analytics platform, who have agreed to be test users.

Designed to allow sales and marketing teams to deliver the services that their customers are seeking, the platform positions users to input existing customer data while it co-creates integrated scenarios via digital flags that identify why a customer purchased a service, converting “needs” to “accounts.”

InsideView and Kyndi will help ensure that the platform develops actionable target lists and provides effective insight on potential customers. The company said the platform has already shown to be successful among test users in Japan, but FORCAS is aiming to expand to the U.S. market.

“Customers today are looking to accelerate their account planning and go-to-market strategies,” said Sho Tsuchiya, Chief Development Officer at FORCAS USA, in a statement to Demand Gen Report. “Following a six-month program, we plan to officially launch our service for B2B SaaS companies early next year.

“Through this program, we are receiving valuable feedback from Kyndi that will help to ensure that high quality scenarios that fit users’ services are automatically recommended. This feedback allows us to generate new scenarios while improving our algorithm every day. For example, we can provide insights, such as identifying the reasons why customers purchase products, understanding prospects that fit customers’ needs, and finding the best content themes for targeted prospects, while also acknowledging the needs for your product.”

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