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Folloze’s New Program Empowers B2B Marketers To Fuel Long Term Growth

The Account-Based Experience Masterclass program is designed to help marketers improve their skills and create more personalized experiences.

Folloze’s New Program Empowers B2B Marketers To Fuel Long Term Growth
ABM In Action Team

Folloze, a personalized B2B marketing platform, has unveiled a new Account-Based Experience (ABX) Masterclass program for B2B sales and marketing teams who want to enhance their skills to engage target accounts and fuel long-term growth.

A recent “State of ABM” study sponsored by Folloze and published by Canam Research identified significant obstacles facing sales and marketing teams when engaging their target accounts. Specifically, 51% of respondents said they struggle to create personalized experiences at the account and vertical level, more than 21% don’t create personalized experiences and over 31% say they must personalize manually. The Folloze ABX Masterclass aims to address gaps in go-to-market skills, execution and technology.

“In our challenging COVID-19 marketplace, most B2B companies are pinning their growth prospects on their ability to engage customers through account-based marketing programs,” said Etai Beck, CEO and Co-Founder of Folloze, in a statement. “The reality is that companies are now recognizing systematic gaps that are sub-optimizing go-to-market teams from effectively engaging their target accounts. By packaging Folloze’s experience and best practices into an ABX Masterclass program, go-to-market teams can bolster their skills to drive deeper engagement across every target account.”

The scheduled and on-demand ABX Masterclass sessions include:

  • Weekly ABX Masterclass Office Hours — every Wednesday, at 10 am — 11 am PT;
  • ABX Methodology Fundamentals — on-demand;
  • Best practice sessions from RingCentral, FireEye, Qlik, ServiceNow and Cisco — on-demand;
  • Account-Based experience templates; and
  • ABX consultation.

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