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Facebook Releases AI Tool To Narrow Focus On Relevant Information

New Expire-Span tool helps AI systems think more like humans to decide which information will be most relevant in making decisions.

David Pepin

Social media giant Facebook has announced its newest artificial intelligence tool Expire-Span has the capability to teach AI models how to forget data that can be deemed irrelevant.

According to research by Facebook AI, the Expire-Span tool is one step closer to real humanlike AI capabilities. Despite being in its infancy, the tool has the potential to be a powerful means to streamlining tasks and allowing computer systems to operate more efficiently.

The following bullet points are a summary of Expire-Span’s capabilities:

  • The tool allows memories to be erased if they are not useful for finding a solution to the task
  • The tool is able to scale “tens of thousands of pieces of information.”
  • More humanlike decision making
  • The tool works by choosing the most highly relevant information from contextual data and setting expiration dates for when they are no longer relevant.

Expire-Span aims to allow AI systems to think more like human decision makers that are able to weigh and determine which information is most relevant. While it is in the early stages of its release, the tool shows signs of having modern world applications that can change AI performance.