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Extending the Life of Your B2B Marketing Content

In order to maximize the results of your existing B2B marketing content, you should consider these tips from fellow marketers.

Extending the Life of Your B2B Marketing Content

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It’s great to create as much new, high-quality B2B marketing content as you can — but are you using what you already have to its fullest extent?

Many marketers spend the majority of their time creating new content. The desire to deliver content at volume may be the result of the misguided notion that more content equals more consumption.

But what if success was based on performance, not quantity? The focus would shift to making sure that the content created has longer life, reach, and relevancy.

In order to maximize the results from your existing content, you should consider the below tips from fellow marketers:

The most engaging content first

Tech buyers do want to see more tailored video content from manufacturers — so shouldn’t that be front and center on your website and social channels?

Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO and co-founder of Casted, says by putting audio and video content at the center of the content strategy then amplifying it across all channels, content marketers achieve a return on their effort of pre-written and/or recorded content.

“By doing so, marketing professionals have the ability to demonstrate those efforts to the C-suite through unified metrics. An Amplified Marketing approach considers the three As of content marketing: access, amplify, and attribute.

“In fact, linked here is a playbook on what amplified marketing is and how marketers can use it to extend the life of their marketing efforts.”

Doing more with what you have

After you’ve invested in a core piece of content such as a research-based white paper, guide, or webinar, you should create multiple short-form assets from it.

Infographics, video clips, one-pagers, and even blog posts can be easily generated from clips of longer, more in-depth pieces of content.

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“A phased drip release of the shorter-form pieces across social media, email, paid media, and other channels can extend the life of the core asset,” Rekha Thomas, VP of Web & Content at Seismic, says.

“There’s also no shame in updating your top-performing pieces of content. Content that’s been around for a while can get a boost in traffic and engagement with a little rewrite to highlight the latest trends and stats.”

Covering topics that are widely asked about your industry, product and/or service online for a considerable length of time and taking a niche approach to the topic will likely yield surprising results.