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Evolv AI Optimizes Customer Experience With Release Of Flows

Flows helps marketers discover problems and target their cause, leading to optimized future customer experience strategies.

David Pepin

Digital customer experience platform Evolv AI has announced it is releasing a new experience visualization solution called Flows. The solution is a powerful new data-driven feature that enables marketers to gather insights into their customer journeys, visualizing bottleneck causes and fixes.

Especially for digital teams, the solution is a valuable tool designed to help identify exactly what part of the customer journey is not running efficiently so teams can amend their campaigns. Using AI optimization and data strategies, Flows aims to help minimize campaigns that fall short due to negative customer experiences.

“Today’s digital journeys are more complicated than ever with people from all walks of life conducting business through multiple digital channels,” said Michael Scharff, CEO and co-founder at Evolv AI. “Companies who want to truly capitalize on the boom in e-commerce and digital business need to change the way they go about optimizing their CX and this requires new ways to holistically visualize journeys and act quickly on insights.”

Market research suggests that 89 percent of consumers are interested in moving their business to a competitor following poor customer experience. With brand loyalty and potential future sales on the line with every customer interaction, it is more important than ever to streamline customer experiences. The solution has the capabilities to:

  • Discover and target problems so future strategies can be optimized.
  • Track and quantify customer behavior changes, simplifying reporting and potential gains.
  • Enable team collaboration with visualized customer experiences across digital channels such as mobile, web, and chatbots.
  • Boost efficiency by streamlining workflows, data, and tool displays.

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With Flows, users can better manage and monitor their project campaigns and target their strategies toward understanding and upgrading specific parts of the customer journey. With visualization of touchpoint, users can take control of their customer experience success.

Evolv AI is used worldwide by notable tech brands such a Verizon, Rakuten, AT&T, and SAP. Since the company was launched in 2019, it has partnered with industry-leaders to optimize personalization and innovation during the customer journey.

Flows will be available on Evolv AI’s platform starting in Q4 of 2021.