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Envato Releases Themed Websites Templates For HubSpot CMS Hub

Over 250 unique and customizable website themes designed by Envato’s creative community will be available on HubSpot’s CMS Hub.

David Pepin

HubSpot has announced it is making moves to help build better digital experiences for its customers by integrating with Envato, the a virtual community of creative assets and tools. The launch will feature over 250 new data-driven website themes for the Hubspot CMS Hub that are available on the Envato Market.

The new themed templates are designed to help business organizations personalize their website across industries, target audience, and business size. The themes fit seamlessly into HubSpot’s CMS Hub platform, which aims to help businesses create optimized digital experiences with easy to learn tools and features. Users also have the capabilities to track and view data insights to power strategy upgrades.

“The Envato Market ecosystem and ThemeForest, in particular, is a well-respected website design marketplace, with millions of customers supported by a hugely talented group of largely exclusive theme authors.” Said Envato’s Chief Content Officer, Cameron Goug. “With these themes, we have an opportunity to provide the global creative community with the assets they need, while HubSpot can bring their CMS Hub product to life with the help of our talented author base. But more than that, our two organizations feel very values aligned, with a strong focus on helping the communities we serve succeed.”

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The new launch expands Envato’s digital reach, which now offers over 52,000 themed website templates available for use which were designed by over 5,000 developers. HubSpot’s digital management software is used globally in over 120 countries by over 121,000 customers.

Together, the two companies share a common goal to produce a product that makes digital and website engagement easy and effective.

“We share Envato’s commitment to supporting the creativity and innovation of our customers, which is why we’re thrilled about this new partnership,” Nicholas Holland, GM and VP of Marketing Hub and CMS Hub at HubSpot commented. “By adding a CMS Hub category on ThemeForest, we’re making it even easier for scaling companies using our cloud-based CMS to get started quickly and deliver incredible digital experiences to their audiences. That’s a huge win for our customers and represents an exciting opportunity ahead as we continue to build on our partnership with Envato.”