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Dubber Acquires Notiv, Enables Real-Time Call Transcription

The integration empowers Dubber with advanced AI and NLP tools to create meeting transcriptions that drive decisions.

David Pepin

Industry-leading cloud based call recording software Dubber has announced it has acquired AI technology innovator Notiv. The $6.6 million transaction combines Dubber’s call recording and voice AI with Notiv’s call transcription, summary, and action capabilities.

“One of our fundamental beliefs is that artificial intelligence has a part to play as a standard feature of every call and conversation. Notiv is a significant step towards achieving this in that it has clear and defined use cases for everyone from individuals to the largest of enterprises.” Said Steve McGovern, CEO of Dubber. “With Notiv, Dubber will now have the ability to automatically take notes and create action items on every call. We are confident that our telecommunications carrier and service provider partners will see enormous potential for revenue-generating value-added services for their customers at scale.”

The acquisition is designed to allow Dubber to expand its artificial intelligence programs and enhance its product capabilities. Notiv works by using AI and NLP tools to translate meeting content into valuable insights. Notiv allows its users to search and share meeting transcripts, empowering decisions.

The solution can be integrated with multiple collaboration tools such as Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more. Notiv can automatically record virtual meetings and transcribe them in real-time using AI capabilities. After the meeting, Notiv allows participants to review and manage their content so they can share content with attendees.

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Since the company was launched in 2011, Dubber has made a name for itself as a global innovator for scaling call recording. It services customers on three continents with the power to turn data into valuable strategies. The company is responsible for recording billions of minutes of calls for businesses of all sizes as it aims to be a quick and easy-to-use solution.

“The Notiv team is exceptionally proud of the technology we have developed. The ability to roll out Notiv globally with the world’s leading service providers is an unmissable opportunity. The chance to join the Dubber growth journey at this time and expand Dubber’s AI and NLP capabilities is exciting for all of us.” said Chris Raethke, CEO and Co-Founder of Notiv. “We are confident that the combination of Dubber and Notiv will deliver incredible value to customers, businesses and our fellow shareholders alike.”