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What Do Technology Buyers Want from Virtual Events?

Technology buyers are a quizzical bunch. They respect an incredibly-direct, no-frills approach to marketing from suppliers, but they also demand a human touch where needed.

Marketing teams have a lot of in-depth conversations about the ideal format for online events, especially surrounding how to pack in the most education content while not overwhelming the attendees.

We asked Tech Buyers what they liked best about virtual events and here were some responses:

  • Being able to take screenshots of good information/statistics
  • Ease of use
  • The ability to take the risk of participation without incurring travel expenses
  • The ability to engage and disengage as needed during the day
  • I have enjoyed that most of the events are recorded and I can go back and re-watch them
  • And more

We also asked Tech buyers what their least favorite aspect of the virtual events. Come read the article we put together so you can set up flawless virtual events!

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