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Tools To Use: B2B Virtual Event Tools and Software

Virtual events typically have two categories: one way is to broadcast to as many people as possible for free, or another option is to grant gated or restricted access to registrants (free or paid). We have found solutions that will help, no matter which category your B2B event/webinar is using.

When you’re tasked with hosting a B2B webinar or event, there are many options to choose to use for tools and software. Our free download dissects the features and how these products can help and make your event operate fluently.

Here are some tools we highlight:

  • Soapbox
  • Events.com
  • Astound Digital
  • Glisser

With hundreds of software products for virtual events, knowing how to get the best ROI from your event can be daunting. Download our free guide for our suggestions and how these tools can benefit you most!

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