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Technology Buyers’ Social Media Preferences: How Manufacturers Can Best Reach Them

Manufacturers want to reach these tech buyers and need to know when the best time to hit send on their social media posts. In this free report we survey these buyers and their favorite platform and best times to post.

The importance of B2B social media marketing cannot be understated, especially when you’re marketing to people who are as technologically inclined as decision makers in IT and related fields. In this report we review social media preferences for tech buyers such as:

  • Which platforms do tech buyers use most?
  • What days of the week do tech buyers use social media the most?
  • Do tech buyers use social media for business, leisure, or both?
  • Who do tech buyers like to follow?

We recently surveyed an array of technology professionals and buyers to learn more about their manufacturer & software provider social media preferences. Download the report today to see the results!

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