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Technology Buyers’ Expectations for Spending in 2022

Technology buyers are spending money in 2022, and we have results to see where and why. Want to better prepare your marketing efforts for 2022 to technology purchasers? We did some market research and have results that will help you better target your buyers for 2022.

As a marketer to technology professionals, wouldn’t it be nice to know what these technology buyers are planning on investing in for 2022? We have done the research among tech purchasers to find out what their organizations plan to buy, how they expect to spend in comparison to 2021 and if/where they’re planning to attend events. Here is what we asked:

  • What does your organization need?
  • What IT products/services will you spend money on in 2022?
  • What AV products/services will you spend money on in 2022?
  • Will your organization spend money on security?
  • Will you attend any events in 2022?

We found very interesting results when it came to the manufacturing needs. Download the free report today to learn more!

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