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Demand Science Acquires Airborne, Upgrades B2B Sales Capabilities

The acquisition aims to give businesses combined sales and engagement AI solutions, boosting customer ROI.

David Pepin

Revenue intelligence platform Demand Science has announced it is adding new sales capabilities for its users by acquiring Airborne App, Inc., a Canadian sales engagement and enablement software.

“As teams increasingly adopt data, intelligence and analytics-based decision making into their processes to drive revenue growth, the needs of marketing and sales professionals for streamlined sales acceleration, engagement, and enablement solutions will only continue to increase. This rapidly growing market is expected to double in size over the next few years,” commented Bill Harrigan, Chief Strategy Officer of Demand Science.

“By bringing Airborne into the Demand Science family, we can deliver even more value to our global client base of B2B companies across enterprise technology, software, and B2B services.”

Demand Science’s platform takes advantage of B2B marketing insights to deliver its users with valuable data metrics. With Airborne, the platform is investing more into its sales engagement capabilities for B2B services companies.

Airborne works by providing a platform for sales reps to organize their relationships and daily activities. It helps them automate sales tools via phone, email, and other digital platforms. By streamlining sales engagement, it allows sales reps to focus on activities that will drive revenue.

“Demand Science shares a common vision of delivering software products and solutions that solve the problems of today’s data and analytics-focused B2B sellers,” said Lee Gladish, CEO of Airborne. “By partnering with fellow entrepreneurs and business builders at Demand Science, we found a platform and partner that could extend our reach and enhance our sales acceleration solution for the global market at scale.”

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Demand Science operates a booming business mode lately, showing 100 percent growth year over year as it has become a leader in B2B technology products.

The platform focuses on providing organizations with a single source for metrics and demand generation intelligence that help boost ROI for its clients across all business sizes.

With the acquisition of Airborne, Demand Science is combining powerful sales enablement capabilities with artificial decisions, ultimately streamlining sales strategies for its users.