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Deepen AI Releases New Image And Video Annotation Tools

The features have the power to significantly accelerate annotation processes, reducing it to over half of its normal time.

David Pepin

Silicon Valley based data software company Deepen AI has announced it is releasing a set of new Image and Video annotation tools equipped with AI features that can accelerate annotation time to half the time it would normally take.

By providing a path for data metrics to be integrated directly with their API, business professionals can achieve the same level of quality annotations in half the time. The software offers impressive flexibility, allowing for annotations to be hosted on cloud or in person platforms.

The tools are designed to offer wide and customizable support for bounding boxes, semantic segmentation, polylines, scenario labeling, and keypoints. They tools aim to be a single source for all annotation needs across industries. The Image and Video annotation tools will feature:

  • Up to 7x productivity upgrades with pre-labeling of common classes.
  • Machine learning segmentation tools.
  • Accurate object tracking capabilities over several video frames.
  • Automated data verification checkers.

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“The demand for high-quality annotated data is increasing rapidly and with our AI-powered easy to use annotation tools, enterprises and individuals can reduce annotation time and effort significantly – while maintaining the highest quality.” said Mohammad Musa, CEO and Founder of Deepen AI.

Since the company’s founding in 2017, it has grown into a global AI software provider with offices in North America, Asia, and Europe. The software is used worldwide by large brands such as Samsung, Continental, and Daimler.