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Coveo Research: Easily Discoverable Content Enhances Customer Experience

Information overload is burying to consumers and employees, but experiences can be improved with easily findable and relevant content.

David Pepin

Canadian software-as-a-service company Coveo released its latest findings from a report on digital information and accessibility. The results suggest that information overload is often influenced by initiatives to reduce complexity.

According to the study, 43 percent of consumers are willing to pay more if they can easily locate what they are searching for within a few clicks of landing on the website. Included in this metric, almost half of millennials were willing to pay more for an easier website navigation (48 percent).

Consumers who were surveyed also responded they would pay more to be able to easily find content (28 percent). These statistics indicate that while digital transformation strategies say they will improve workspaces and customer experience, they often miss the mark and end up burying them with data overload.

For employees, 16 percent indicated they would be considering quitting because of frustrations with locating and finding data. Almost half report feeling less engaged and less confident in activities in their day-to-day because of the same reasons.

However, the study also found that many negative reviews may never be heard by the company because they will never be told. Results found 44 percent of customers would rarely, if ever, complain to a company about a negative experience.

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“Digital technologies have driven sky high online expectations, and the situation is only getting more challenging for brands. Relevance, convenience, and simplicity are now not only expected, but demanded,” said Louis Têtu, CEO and chairman, Coveo. “In the post-pandemic world, the ability to provide relevant customer experience at every single touchpoint, every single time, could mean the difference between businesses that survive and businesses that cease to exist.”

Creating content that is easily discoverable and engaging to audiences is an important way to enhance employee and consumer experiences.

Despite good intentions, digital initiatives to decrease complexity can sometimes fall into the trap of overloading users with information. These adverse effects can however be combated with the right platforms and careful attention to detail.