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Conductor’s $150 Million Funding Drives Organic Marketing Growth

The company’s first funding since buying itself from WeWork aims to expand organic marketing capabilities in multiple industries.

David Pepin

Marketing technology platform Conductor has announced it has raised $150 million in a recent funding round led by Bregal Sagemount to bring its total valuation to around $500 million. The funding is the first for the company since it became independent after buying itself back from WeWork in 2019. 

“Customers have always preferred organic marketing over paid advertising. The global shift to digital transformation over the last year has made this even more clear. Today, enterprises are investing more aggressively in this digital channel to connect with customers in an authentic, value-first way,” said Conductor CEO and Co-Founder Seth Besmertnik.

“This funding represents the growth in our category and how critical unpaid channels are for brands. It will enable us to continue to lead the organic marketing industry, accelerating our pace of innovation and delivering our enterprise technology to more companies worldwide.”

The funding will be used to help the company continue to create one of the world’s top organic marketing platforms for optimizing SEO and content marketing. The new resources will help the company invest in its global expansion and product innovations. 

Every second, Google processes around 63,000 search requests. For marketers, investing in effective SEO strategies helps get their content to the front of those searches and reach the right audience at the right time. 

Conductor is a company that is enabling organic customer engagements through multiple channels for multiple industries. Its comprehensive platform is powering organic marketing that increases revenue, lead conversions, traffic, and demand generated from a search.

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Conductor’s award-winning solutions are trusted around the world by brands such as Bose, Verizon, Roku, Prudential, and Canon to help grow their organic marketing strategies. With this new funding, companies can upgrade the way their current and future customers discover and engage with their content.

“This is our first funding since spinning out from WeWork,” said Besmertnik.

“When we bought the company back, the leadership team wanted to make sure all Conductors that have worked tirelessly for our customers were rewarded. I’m proud of the company and people-first culture we’ve built, especially over the last two years. This funding will go even further in our aggressive efforts to hire and support the best people so we can deliver the best product for our customers.”