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Cognizant Announces Acquisition Of Analytics Consultancy Servian

The acquisition significantly expands Cognizant’s occupancy in Australian and New Zealand data analytics markets.

David Pepin

American technology and professional services giant Cognizant has announced its acquisition of Australian data consultancy Servian to boost its data and AI capabilities.

Servian is a data services company specializing in analytics, artificial intelligence, and digital experiences, and is a part of Cognizant’s recent strategy to grow its data and AI potential. The move comes as the 10th since January 2020 for Cognizant as it aims to provide users with better insights from their data.

Cognizant, a Fortune 500 company, significantly improves its presence in Australian and New Zealand markets with the acquisition, aiming to help clients collect and analyze data to inform business decisions. The move expands Cognizant’s global impact on the market.

“Enabling clients to leverage their data assets for accelerating business transformation and driving competitive advantage is at the heart of our success,” Tony Nicol, Founder and CEO, Servian commented. “We share Cognizant’s passion for innovation powered by digital technologies. With Cognizant’s deep industry expertise and global scale, we will be able to apply our strengths in strategic advisory, engineering delivery, and managed services across an even broader spectrum of challenges and opportunities presented by the digital economy.”

Servian, which was named Google’s Service Partner of the Year in 2020, brings expert experience and relationships with large digital industry players like Google, Amazon, and Salesforce to Cognizant’s services.

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“Cognizant’s extensive digital expertise combined with Servian’s strengths as the premier technology partner in the region will open up the full power of digital transformation for our Australasian clients. We look forward to welcoming Servian’s talented digital-native professionals to Cognizant.” said Jane Livesey, CEO, Cognizant Australia and New Zealand.

As Servian’s 500 professionals join the team, the move significantly expands Cognizant’s manpower in Australia/New Zealand from 1,200 to about 1,700. The move allows both companies to have the power to take on more diverse and expansive challenges in the market.