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Chili Piper Launches Distro To Automate Lead Routing Processes

Manual lead routing is time consuming and can lead to missed sales opportunities. Distro automates the process to arrange instant follow ups.

David Pepin

Leading inbound conversion platform Chili Piper has announced it is launching a new optimization platform called Distro to help users route and assign Salesforce objects in real-time. Objects such as leads, contacts, opportunities, cases, and accounts can all be controlled from Distro’s one-stop solution to help B2B companies improve conversion rates and revenue.

Distro streamlines inbound processes by using automation to successfully distribute leads evenly to sales reps. Regardless of if a lead comes in via an online or offline source, they are routed and assigned for follow up by a representative based on customizable company rules. The solution offers users a revolutionary solution that is designed to handle inbound scheduling and routing across multiple sources like webinars, trade shows, and demo requests.

Teams have the capabilities to set the rules the platform follows, ensuring an accurate and efficient routing procedure every time. By automating the lead routing process, Distro allows sales reps to follow up on inquiries faster and instantly book meetings.

The famous sales cliche “Time kills all deals” is relevant when it comes to lead routing and distribution. By wasting time and effort having an employee manually distribute, it opens the door for hot leads to become cold and for sales opportunities to slip away.

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Chili Piper’s powerful platform has proven itself to double inbound conversion rates for international companies like Twilio, Gong, Spotify, and Shopify. On average, lead response time can take up to 42 hours when done manually.

However with Chili Piper and the new Distro platform, leads are instantly scheduled for follow up.

“Today, capturing existing demand for a product or service, in real time, is vital; yet, ensuring each lead is routed and assigned correctly is way harder than it needs to be,” said Nicolas Vandenberghe, co-founder and CEO of Chili Piper.

“With Distro, we can help B2B sales and marketing teams automate the first step in a meaningful engagement and prevent leads from falling out of the marketing funnel. This is a crucial step for increasing inbound conversion rates and boosting revenue generation”