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CallRevu Integrates With CallSource, Boosts Call Management Analysis

CallSource is known for 25+ years of providing its users with valuable data and insights into their customer phone conversations.

David Pepin

CallRevu, one of the automotive industry’s leading solutions for call management, has announced it will be acquiring the automotive division of advanced call tracking and analysis platform CallSource. The move aims to empower sellers and marketers in the automotive industry to boost revenue through higher lead conversion rates and an upgraded caller’s journey process.

“CallRevu has always admired CallSource – we share a common focus on service.   This investment was an easy decision as it provides an opportunity for us to deliver greater innovation, insights, and value to our collective customers – reinforcing our position as the industry’s only automotive-centric provider. Welcome to CallRevu, we are excited to show you how important you are to us, and how committed we are to your success,” Anthony Giagnacovo, CEO of CallRevu said.

CallRevu’s own Communication Intelligence platform has been proven to improve productivity by close to 44 percent thanks to its AI and machine learning capabilities. Since the company initially launched in 2008, it has maintained a focus on helping those in the automotive industry overcome challenges related to phone conversation customer service.

The acquisition will be designed to mesh the technologies of both solutions to form a single, unified answer for customer engagement problems. The integrations will provide users with insightful metrics to allow organizations to optimize their customer interactions.

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For more than 25 years CallSource has been tracking phone calls and pulling valuable data for its users. In its history, the solution has monitored and analyzed over 1 billion phone conversations to gain market insights for its users.

“Through many years as peers in the automotive industry, we have had the chance to identify CallRevu as a great company that shares a common set of values with CallSource. For this reason, we are confident that CallRevu is the right partner to write the next chapter of growth and innovation for CallSource’s Automotive division,” said Elliot Leiboff, CEO of CallSource.