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Bython Media Launches Data Driven AI And ML Platform

Byonic.ai empowers marketing professionals with end-to-end data insights, marketing automation, and ABM tools.

David Pepin

Bython Media, a data driven global media organization, has announced it will be launching an innovative new artificial intelligence and machine learning platform called Byonic.ai. The new platform is designed to provide users with a single reliable source for lead insights, creative content, ABM, intent data, and marketing process automation. 

According to HubSpot research, 68 percent of businesses use automation in some form as a part of their business strategy.

Byonic.ai takes advantage of intent data from different stages of sales and marketing cycles in order to allow teams to synchronize their marketing, product, and sales goals. The platform focuses on empowering real-time engagements with the correct target audience at the correct time by using AI capabilities.

The platform optimizes lead discovery by reading predictive insights and then providing detailed analysis reports for its users. The AI capabilities streamline the discovery process so that sales and marketing professionals can focus on closing deals and converting prospects.

Using Byonic.ai’s AI and ML platform, business professionals can enhance their ROI by learning about the effectiveness of each of their campaigns. Using AI, they can also determine their marketing funnel based on which leads have the highest potential. Users can truly experience an end-to-end marketing platform with segmented data and intent data.

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“Most platforms weren’t built as a one-stop-shop for all your marketing campaign needs,” said Snehhil Gupta, Chief Technology Officer at Bython Media. “Now, you get a full suite of end-to-end capabilities that include account intelligence, lead insights, marketing automation, and creative content, powered by AI/ML and wrapped in one simple and intuitive platform to run smarter campaigns.” 

Byonic.ai is expected to officially launch in the Autumn of 2021.