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BuzzSumo Launches Facebook Social Insights Tools

BuzzSumo’s Facebook Page Analyzer and Facebook Pages tools provide marketers with competitor and new opportunity insights.

BuzzSumo Launches Facebook Social Insights Tools
David Pepin

Cloud-based content engagement platform BuzzSumo has announced two new Facebook social strategy tools designed to improve social campaigns with valuable insights and trends. Facebook Page Analyzer and Facebook Pages improve performance by gathering competitor insights and evaluating industry trends.

These two features are designed to give users valuable insights beyond Facebook’s Page Insights tool. With the features, users can discover and monitor industry competitors and influencers. By using filters such as location, language, and linked accounts, organizations can discover competitors and influencers that were previously unknown and untapped.

The features allow users the ability to observe competitors’ top posts and take notes on what worked for them. Users can sort by post type to observe metrics, helping make a content plans that drive engagement. BuzzSumo customers can easily compare how their pages compete with up to nine other industry players at a time by using keyword searches. The capabilities allow businesses to see how their metrics line up with industry competition.

The features can also provide data into overall campaign performance and benchmark it against those of similar competitors.

With Facebook Page Analyzer, users can observe not just what types of content drive engagement, but what times are best to post. Organizations can develop content plans around exact days and times that drive the highest engagements online. Using charts and graphs, the data is easily read and streamlines adjustments.

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By using these two features, marketers can find out a lot about their business that they might not even know. New influencers and opportunities can be found in the metrics, as well as competitors and areas for improvement.

The Facebook Page Analyzer and Facebook Pages tools are currently available on multiple plans. From gathering insights on your own performance and competitors, to identifying new opportunities and areas for growth, the tools represent powerful insights that can help boost Facebook content strategies.