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BrandMaker Acquires Hive9, Invests In Streamlining Marketing Operations

The move brings more marketing performance management capabilities to one of the industry’s fastest growing organizations.

David Pepin

BrandMaker, one of the global leaders in Marketing Operations and Marketing Resource Management software, has announced that it is making moves to acquire Hive9 to boost its campaign capabilities. Hive9 uses cloud-based solutions to help its users manage their marketing plans and performance so they can ultimately lead to boosted revenue.

Hive9 enables its users to fully control the marketing operations cycle including supporting customers from anywhere in the world. The solution works by combining attribution and campaign insights with advanced predictive analysis to give its customers the most opportunity possible.

“Hive9 brings even more value to the BrandMaker-Allocadia combination,” said BrandMaker CEO Mirko Holzer.

“Together, we are better positioned than ever to become the global market leader in the marketing operations space, with a robust portfolio of marketing operations solutions and capabilities unmatched by our competition. Ultimately, our end-to-end solution will more fully empower CMOs and marketing teams to connect strategy to outcomes and accelerate growth.”

The move comes as BrandMaker’s second in recent months, following its partnership with Allocadia, announced in July 2021. Combined, the solutions with Hive9 present customers with diverse content management capabilities to manage, budget, and monitor their campaigns.

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Since BrandMaker was founded in 2008, the company has focused on delivering solutions that help marketers optimize their operations. Trusted by over 300 brands worldwide including Mercedes-Benz, Bayer, Best Buy, Marriott, and more, the solution aims to make collaboration more productive and increase marketing efficiency.

“Hive9 has unique top-down and bottom-up business planning functionality that empowers CMOs to build plans with integrity, justify their budgets, and continuously improve business results,” said Hive9 CEO and Founder Darin Hicks.

“As part of the larger, global BrandMaker team, we’ll be able to offer Hive9’s innovative feature set to a much larger segment of the market, while also connecting our current Hive9 customers with the exciting additional capabilities BrandMaker and Allocadia offer.”