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Bizconnect Releases Search Engine Designed For B2B Organizations

The search engine aims to make it easier than ever for businesses to find each other using keywords and location preferences.

David Pepin

Bizconnect founder Thi Thi Hoang asked a question: what if there was a search engine, like Google, but for B2B organizations?

The company launched its new search engine specifically designed to give B2B organizations and professionals a space to connect. The engine creates a secure environment for businesses and professionals by qualifying its users.

The major differences between Bizconnect and traditional search engines like Google and Bing are that traditional engines are designed for consumers, where Bizconnect creates a true space with businesses in mind.

The following bullet points are a summary of some of the benefits of Bizconnect for users:

  • Quick and easy for B2B organizations to find and connect with other B2B organizations by using keyword, region, and country search terms.
  • Users are verified using Dun and Bradstreet database
  • Language translation feature to help companies interact globally.
  • Contact information listed with companies.
  • Fair advertising for companies of all sizes, does not just favor larger, more popular companies
  • Guaranteed results or money back
  • Pay-per-click model

Hoang commented, “We aspire to be a win-win environment to guarantee success. If you don’t win, we don’t win. This is an integral part of our overall mission to help the businesses using our platform to succeed. We want to make Bizconnect a risk-free advertising opportunity.”

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The search engine aims to be a truly dependable resource for businesses to find and connect with each other to share their talents. With search engines such as Bizconnect, the business world is becoming a lot more connected on a global scale.