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B2B Virtual Event Tools and Software

Let’s take a look at a few solutions that will help, no matter what kind of B2B webinar or event you’re planning.

B2B Virtual Event Tools and Software
Staff Editor

With hundreds of software products for virtual events, knowing how to get the best ROI from your event can be daunting. Thankfully, there’s plenty of martech focusing on virtual & hybrid events that will help marketers in their future efforts.

Virtual events tend to fall into two main categories: they either broadcast to as many people as possible for free, or grant gated or restricted access to registrants, free or paid.

Let’s take a look at a few solutions that will help, no matter what kind of B2B webinar or event you’re planning:

Soapbox for video content creation

Soapbox is a free Chrome plug-in that allows you to record, edit, and share videos easily. Features include:

  • a brandable player which allows you to embed your content anywhere
  • lead generation tools like email collection, CTAs, links, and more
  • embeddable channels which allow you publish videos, webinars, and podcasts in one streamable experience

Events.com for event management

For event organizers planning virtual events, Events.com offers an event management system that helps organizers manage virtual event registration, sponsorship, marketing and more.

“Event organizers use countless software products that are not compatible with each other. When planning your event, first define your revenue goal: is it sponsorship and ticketing revenue? Or converting customers with digital gift bags, or product offerings?” says Mitch Thrower, CEO, Chairman & Founder, Events.com.

“Once you determine your goal, select the software that best meets your objectives. At Events.com, we integrate with Zoom, Google Meet, Vimeo, YouTube and most other broadcast platforms, providing a powerful suite of software and services to make event organizers’ lives easier.”

“It is important that your event is powered by a technology and service provider with a great reputation and a strong history of working with other technologies. Find a technology partner with a strong customer support team. When producing your online or virtual event, it helps to have customer service on call. With some of the larger companies, that’s not possible – and customer support requests can take days (not ideal when in-production or during your event). You should look for technology partners that also offer a mobile-first registration, and it’s always a good idea to set up a test event and go through the process of registering (on your computer and mobile phone) or participating in other events on that platform before contracting with a virtual event partner.”

Astound Digital for product launches

Astound Digital is an all-in-one, 3D/VR-focused platform focused on providing very engaging presentations, making it very well-suited for product launches. Features include:

  • event website hosting
  • secure registration/check-in
  • 360-degree integration of existing exhibit/event spaces
  • integration of media, assets and content
  • detailed traffic and event analytics

Glisser for engagement

Glisser is an event tech provider focused on giving customers “full ownership over every aspect of their brand – from look and feel to in-depth customization, promotion and monetization options,” according to their website.

The tool allows you to build engagement tools from polls and quizzes to word cloud creation, games, and social integration directly into presentations.

“Attendees can move around each event as they choose, watch and interact with presentations on single or multiple stages in real time, access on-demand content, and enter booths or breakout rooms optimized for maximum engagement. The audience experience is completed with digital note-taking, downloadable slide decks and participation certificates.”