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Tools to Use: B2B Video Marketing

These tools for your B2B video marketing efforts will improve your process from planning to publishing and sharing.

Tools to Use: B2B Video Marketing

In 2017, 63 percent of organizations started using video marketing for their businesses, a figure that increased to 87 percent by 2019 and has stayed relatively steady since, according to a report from Wyzowl.

“Video is critical to marketing these days,” said Tony Gnau, founder of T60 Productions, a Chicago, Ill.-based video production company.

“Ten years ago, video was nice to have, but it wasn’t an essential marketing tool. But now, because of the internet, because of our access to video, it’s absolutely critical.”

Brian McNeill, co-founder of Stringr, a company that offers a video Software-as-Service platform, adds tat 73 percent of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it and that consumers who watch product videos are 1.9 times more likely to complete an online purchase.

“When it comes to brands selling on platforms like Amazon, 96 percent of consumers find video helpful when making purchases; 79 percent of online shoppers would rather see a video than read text,” McNeill added. “The right product video can increase conversions by 80 percent.”

The most essential tools for marketing videos, according to Gnau, are a good camera and good audio tools – embedded microphones often don’t provide good quality, ruining the associated video.

Beyond those tools, with video marketing so essential, it’s important that marketers know some of the other tools that will help them create, edit and optimize videos for their customers. Below are 15 video-related tools marketers can use to reach their audiences.

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