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Social Media Tools for B2B Marketers and Businesses

But there many tools which make scheduling & tracking social media interactions easier for B2B marketers. Here are a few critical options.

Social Media Tools for B2B Marketers and Businesses
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Staying on top of posting content for your B2B brand’s social media channels can be time-consuming and sometimes confusing when you’re running multiple campaigns across various channels.

But there are a number of tools which can make scheduling and tracking social media easier for marketers. We’ve put together just such a list for you below.

But first, let’s get a couple of the most obvious tools out of the way (in the odd chance that you’re not already using them!)

Summer Romasco, Growth Marketing Director at Burner (Ad Hoc Labs) says they use social media management tools like Hubspot and Hootsuite to schedule, monitor, and analyze their posts and reviews all from one place.

“Using the content calendars, we can publish content over time and across all of our platforms. Social media tools allow us to track comments from multiple channels and respond from just one inbox. We find that these tools keep our content organized and save loads of time in our day.”

More B2B social media tools


Christine Wetzler, President at Pietryla PR, says they use and recommend TryLately.com as it helps with content creation and has the best analytics, in their opinion.

Features include:

  • Social media post preparation, which  automatically pulls together copy, image, tracking links, and corresponding audio or video clips – “saving you a solid 8 – 12 minutes per post,” according to the company
  • Scheduling and publishing, making it easy to schedule and publish across all social media channels
  • Other advanced controls, like being able to specify who must review each post before being scheduled

Sprout Social

Another all-in-one platform, Sprout allows users to schedule posts, respond to messages, create reports, and use social listening across networks.

Features include:

  • A focus on customer care, with built-in response management and social CRM
  • Data intelligence in the form of social listening, sentiment analysis, and other measuring tools
  • Brand perception and content curation tools

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is rapidly becoming one of the most important social platforms for B2B businesses. But the platform also has a tool which makes it easy to find and qualify leads.

Features include:

  • Real-time updates on your leads and accounts, with recent company growth trends
  • CRM sync for all users
  • Shareable custom lead and account lists; smart links with tracking


Linktree is a link management tool that creates a custom landing page to house all your most important content in one place.

“B2B businesses can use this tool to showcase their website, important company updates, popular blog posts, webinars, products, courses, and other social media accounts,” says Annie Raygoza, Director of Client Services at WebEnertia.

“At WebEnertia, find this tool most helpful in our Instagram bio to showcase our most recent insights posts, whitepapers, and other social media platforms.”


This tool allows users to search for, segment, analyze, and share insights about posts, comments, and conversations relevant to your business.

Features include:

  • Tracks 1.4 trillion historical conversations back to 2010
  • Official access to Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit
  • Auto-segmentation and analysis of results

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