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Current B2B Social Media Marketing Trends

LinkedIn is, itself, one of the most important B2B social media marketing trends. But let’s not oversimplify: here are some more.

Current B2B Social Media Marketing Trends

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What are the current B2B social media marketing trends? We could probably summarize the answer to that question in just one word: LinkedIn. But let’s not oversimplify.

Summer Romasco, Growth Marketing Director at Burner (Ad Hoc Labs), says personalization is becoming essential in B2B social media marketing.

“Clients are people too, and while they’re on social media to gain industry insights, they also want to be engaged and entertained. Therefore, B2B content markers must also create social content that speaks to people. With how-to’s, trends, and strategy tips, marketers are breaking out of the boardroom conversations and providing content that makes work and life easier for industry professionals.”

This has led to what some might call, “The Age of Short Form Video Content.”

Wyzowl reported that people share videos at twice the rate of any other form of content. It also found that 84% of people were convinced to buy a product or service based on the brand’s video.

“Users seek out authenticity and transparency in brands,” says Annie Coleman, Social Media & Marketing Coordinator at WebEnertia.

“One way WebEnertia builds connections is with our Behind the Build series, showing people behind-the-scenes on major rebrands and website redesigns. This is a great way for companies to pull back the curtain and engage with their audiences on a more personal level.

“In 2021, brands will likely also focus on educational content in their B2B social media strategy. These videos are great added-value content because they help audiences better in their day-to-day lives while educating them on services and products your business has.”

The Twittersphere

One of the leading B2B social media platforms is Twitter, Coleman says.

With 67% of all B2B businesses using it as a digital marketing tool, Twitter can help your company maintain relationships with customers and offer a direct channel for you to communicate with prospective clients.

Competitive analysis on Twitter will show that the most successful B2B brands are finding different ways to engage with their audiences.

“We can all learn B2B insight and advice from news networks, white papers, blogs, and books, but with social Media comes another medium of B2B wisdom- The Twitter Chat,” Coleman says.

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“There are countless ways to engage in weekly Q&A hour chats with influencers and experts within your industry, whether it be starting your own or tagging along already established communities such as #CMWorld, #SemrushChat, or my favorite, #TwitterSmarter.”

This is an excellent way for both the participants and your company to build authority and an audience on Twitter while providing valuable information.

“Is your CEO on Twitter? People trust people, and a great way to build trust is by creating influencers with your own company.

“78% of consumers respondents believe CEOs participating in social media leads to better communication, 71% believe the interaction improves the brand image, and 64% claim that the use of social media offers greater brand transparency.”

The importance of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become the key social media platform for B2B marketers to reach their audiences, says Carmelita Ceria, Marketing Manager, Quincus.

“The platform we see companies able to increase their brand awareness, and build a sense of community — many of the companies are posting more conversational posts to engage with their audience, too (Company culture, Polls, LinkedIn Live).”

One of the biggest B2B eCommerce marketing trends Lori Price, founder of PixieLane sees is the proliferation of LinkedIn as a form of lead generation and social media reach.

“Simply put, LinkedIn is becoming the Instagram of business. With a more scroll-friendly user interface, the ability to quickly like, comment, and message others, and the proliferation and popularity of behind-the-scenes content, LinkedIn is a perfect lead-generation resource for B2B businesses.”