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Mastering B2B Influencer Relations: 5 Tips you Need to Build Awareness and Increase Impact

Even in their simplest form, B2B influencer relations help to raise awareness and ideally boost sales. Here are some quick tips.

Mastering B2B Influencer Relations: 5 Tips you Need to Build Awareness and Increase Impact

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Erin McKay

Influencer relations is the billboard of the 21st century. B2B brands are increasingly integrating influencer partnerships into their marketing strategies, and for good reason. Through these partnerships, brands can gain access to engaged audiences outside their typical awareness environment.

Even in their simplest form, Influencer relationships help to raise awareness and ideally boost sales.

Over the past five years, the marketing and PR industries have seen a considerable increase in influencer partnerships – and it’s working.

Flying Camel, a public relations and marketing agency focusing on the design and technology spaces has rounded up their collective genius to share five tips to think about when initiating and growing a brand’s influencer network.

Choose wisely

Do your research when selecting the influencers with whom you would like to partner. See what brands they have worked with in the past; if you see reputable companies in their portfolio, you know that they have been tried and tested. Keep in mind most influencers have their own style and a content niche and have worked hard to curate their audiences.

The smart home tech category is teeming with influencers who welcome products for review or partner ambassadorships; the gaming and tech influencer categories are among the most impactful in terms of community reach and engagement. Look for influencers who have the tone, experience, and reach that will best serve your goals.

You get what you pay for

It is essential to build a budget into your company’s marketing plan to compensate influencers. Never ask someone with an important following to do something for nothing. Influencers treat their social platforms like a job, they deserve to be compensated for the value they bring, whether through product gifting or a negotiated fee (the trend is moving towards more payment and gifting).

Get it in writing

Once you’ve decided with whom you would like to partner, discuss the objectives you would like to achieve for your brand. Develop a Terms of Agreement contract that outlines the promised deliverables, partnership duration, exclusivity, and compensation. Securing a signature will hold the influencer accountable.

Spell it out

Ensure the influencer is armed with key messages about your product and your company. This will help them build their content, highlighting the key brand and product points and stay “on message.” Paid partnerships are usually preferred. As long as you have a Terms of

Agreement contract in place, you have the right to tweak content to align with your brand priorities.

Play nice

Lastly, work to maintain a positive relationship with the influencers. There’s nothing worse than upsetting someone who has a strong voice over thousands of potential customers. Also, the influencer may go above and beyond the deliverables in the contract if there is a happy relationship.

Following these straightforward steps will help you navigate the path to successful influencer relations. Alignment between all parties will ensure a strong partnership and maximum return on your investment.

Erin McKay is Director of Public Relations, Flying Camel Advertising.

Founded in 1995, Flying Camel is a full-service marketing agency with a unique specialization in home design and technology products and trade show event public relations, programming, PR, and social media. The agency operates with comfort, connectivity and capabilities in Canada and the US and partners with brands that challenge and change how people experience living environments.