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Ayrshare Releases API Capabilities For Expanded Social Platform Library

The software added the capability to publish and manage content for YouTube, Instagram, and Google My Business.

David Pepin

New York-based social media API leader Ayrshare, a software designed to help thousands of diverse businesses manage their social media content and analytics, has announced it is launching a new set of social media platform destinations to enhance user reach and engagement. With the new launch, users will have the advanced capabilities to expand their social media platforms to YouTube, Instagram, and Google My Business.

“We have worked closely with Instagram and Google to integrate these major social media networks for our clients,” said Geoffrey Bourne, Co-Founder of Ayrshare. “In a world where all marketing is digital and social, brands can now reach billions of additional users across these destinations.”

With Ayrshare’s API solutions users can schedule and publish social media posts across multiple platforms, create dynamic content across multiple mediums, and get fully set up quickly and easily. In addition to the social platforms included in the launch, the software also supports the rest of the world largest social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Reddit, and more.

When companies only use one form of social media platform, they are severely limiting their reach and engagement potentials. With 90 percent of consumers buying from brands that they interact with on social media and 1.3 million new users joining social media per day, it is crucial that businesses coordinate their content strategy around multiple platforms to maximize reach.

With the new releases to YouTube, Instagram, and Google My Business, users will have the ability to create and promote posts, manage content and comments, develop hashtag campaigns, and monitor analytics on multiple accounts.

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By only requiring small volumes of lines of code, content can be easily streamlined and distributed across multiple platforms.

“As more developers look for market solutions to add social media workflows and analytics to their platform, Ayrshare now provides a complete solution for the most popular social media destinations,” said Boris Markovich, Co-Founder of Ayrshare. “Ayrshare allows developers to leverage all the social media apis in a single service.”