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Accern Releases Simple, Easy-To-Use Predictive AI Studio

The release gives financial data teams the capabilities to access real-time AI predictive models to drive decision-making.

David Pepin

Leading no-code AI solution Accern has announced it is upgrading investment decision capabilities for financial services teams with the release of its new AI Studio. The release is designed to make creating and using AI models more efficient, without having to write any new code.

Financial data teams will be able to use the solution to streamline deployment of predictive AI models. Models that would normally take weeks of months of analysis can be explored in just days thanks to predictive AI.

The solution will have the capabilities to help teams make the most informed decisions with predictive analysis about metrics such as sales volume and product demand. Teams will also have the tools necessary to personalize and upgrade Natural Language Processing (NLP) models to drive accurate results.

Accern’s platform is used by financial data teams in multiple industries to automate their predictive analysis and take advantage of their consumer data. With the platform and new solution, financial users can make informed predictions that lead to informed decisions that grow their respective business. By analyzing millions of data points in real time, the platform arms its users with all the tools they need to create and utilize AI predictive models without having to write any code.

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“Accern’s AI studio is the newest addition to our no-code platform which further enables data scientists and financial services teams to create, train, and iterate on models in real-time without having to write any code,” said Kumesh Aroomoogan, co-founder and CEO of Accern. “We’re excited to empower financial services teams with the tools they need to make smarter financial predictions.”

Since the company was founded in 2014 in New York City, it has raised $15 million in venture capital and expanded its reach to over 50 enterprise customers such as Google Cloud, IBM, Salesforce, and more.