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About Us

We’ve been marketing to the technology industry for almost thirty years. The Emerald family of technology brands includes My TechDecisions, Campus Safety Magazine, Campus Safety Conference, RFID Journal and InterDrone. What these media and event brands have in common is that they provide important insights and information to the people buying technology within corporations, education, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare and other essential industries.

Over the years, we’ve also made deep connections in the technology industry with associations, manufacturers, distributors and industry influencers. We have seen that there is a persistent need for targeted insights for the technology marketers who sell to these tech professionals.

Thus, M2T: Marketing to Tech Pros was born.

M2T will share what we’ve learned about the technology industry through market research, industry trend analysis, executive Q&A’s, and more. Our goal is to clarify what makes the technology industry unique and how technology manufacturers, distributors, and software companies can better meet its needs.

M2T is part of the M2X Technology Network which also includes our sister site M2I: Marketing to Integrators. We help technology marketers reach their entire channel including both the integrators who design, install and maintain systems as well as the IT professionals and other technology buyers who use the systems every day.

We invite you to share your feedback on the site as we unveil and grow this new initiative.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Marsha Marsh, Publisher


Adam Forziati, Senior Web Editor