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6sense Expands Bombora Partnership To Boost Intent Data Capabilities

The collaboration brings 6sense users intent data capabilities sourced from thousands of B2B websites and databases.

David Pepin

6sense customers will be gaining some powerful new intent capabilities this month. The industry-leading AI account engagement platform has announced it will be expanding its collaboration with Bombora’s  B2B intent data platform.

6sense customers will have access to Bombora’s intent data metrics, which are sourced from over 4,000 B2B websites, to help them create audience segments that help boost account-based strategies.

“6sense is delivering on its promise to bring the RevTech Revolution to its customers by synthesizing multiple enhanced data sources and turning them into clear and actionable recommendations that drive better account-based sales and marketing results,” commented Viral Bajaria, CTO and Co-founder of 6sense. “Together, 6sense and Bombora deliver the most complete view of B2B buyer behavior in the market, and our patented AI-based models can leverage both data sources to predict which accounts sales and marketing should prioritize.”

The partnership of 6sense and Bombora is designed to create a full-funnel predictive analytics platform that is driven by B2B metrics and insights. With the addition of Bombora Company Surge, 6sense customers will have increased capabilities within the 6sense Sales Intelligence module to target accounts, and turn them into loyal customers.

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“6sense is a leader in orchestration and data for account-based sales and marketing teams” said Erik Matlick, Founder and CEO at Bombora. “Now, 6sense is our exclusive partner for activating an embedded offering of Bombora Company Surge® data into a predictive model. The combined solution gives customers accurate predictive account intelligence and actionable recommendations, so they can better focus on and engage their top accounts with messages that are relevant to buyer interests and their predicted journey stages.”

Companies like Kazoo have already been using the integration to boost their buyer intent data strategies. According to CMO Casey Carey, the partnership helped increase in-market account identification by 15 percent, new pipeline opportunities by 20 percent, and lead-to-win rate by 14 percent.