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6sense Accelerates RevTech And AI Offerings With Fortella Acquisition

The new strategic partnership paves the path for 6sense customers to achieve better revenue and pipeline goals.

David Pepin

Account engagement platform 6sense has announced it is acquiring Fortella as the company aims to invest in the performance of AI pipeline intelligence. Fortella’s pipeline management, funnel optimization, and revenue operations solutions will be integrated with 6sense’s platform to help B2B leaders streamline their pipeline and revenue goals. 

With the acquisition, 6sense aims to create a fully-integrated, comprehensive suite of data and account engagement capabilities. Users will have the ability to enhance their growth with a platform to plan, monitor, and measure their pipeline success.

“The most successful organizations continually challenge themselves to uncover new ways of thinking and resources to accelerate insights and outperform the competition,” said Jason Zintak, CEO of 6sense. “The integration of Fortella into the 6sense account engagement platform achieves this goal by giving customers a finely tuned navigation system for their revops engine, ensuring they reach their targets and venture beyond them, with greater efficiency and speed.”

Fortella’s AI capabilities will empower 6sense users with prediction and pipeline monitoring tools. The solution works by reading a company’s revenue goals and automatically determining the best strategy to achieve them. The solution also empowers pipeline intelligence and revenue generation with early warning identification of potential gaps. 

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“Every B2B organization must make plans for how they are going to predictably achieve their revenue goals. And must be able to measure their progress toward those goals, adjusting strategies and tactics as needed along the way. But for most, this is still a manual process informed largely by assumptions, disconnected data silos and best guesses,” said Rahul Sachdev, co-founder and CEO of Fortella. 

Fortella’s AI solution is trusted by brands such as 8×8, Axonius, BMC, and Copado to maximize revenue results. The partnership with 6sense pairs two organizations with similar goals: to help revenue generating teams maximize their customer insights and accelerate RevTech offerings.